The Downfall and Rise of a Kingdom Edit

The old king was a decent one and had a single male heir, a child only 7 years old. The king one day died and his heir was to take the throne. However, due to his age, he was unfit to rule for the time, so a regency was put in place. The regent was decadent, fat, greedy, lustful, overall a bad guy, famine and disease plagued the land slowly. The more zealous peasants and nobles saw this as bad omens and people became increasingly angry that the regent was always safe in the castle and drinkign and gorging on food as people died from disease and starvation. Months after the regency was put in place, the rightful heir to the throne, the old kings son was found murdered in his bedchamber. Subsequently the regent named his own son who was 13 as heir to the throne. This sent the kingdom into mass civil unrest until an ultimatum was announced...The regency is to change hands and the regents heir is to step down from the line of succession or face an uprising at midnight. The regent blew off the ultimatum and was hung from a tree near the castle the designated night of the uprising. A council was set up to find a new King or Queen, no noble in the kingdom would accept fearing the same fate, no lesser noble would either. Falling on Bowman Forde as a last best bet for a stable ruler, they pleaded with the Mistriid prince to rule.