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Welcome to the Aradon Wikia

Welcome to Aradon wiki! Aradon Craft is an RP Minecraft server, it is the spiritual successor of Barrier Wikia </span>where players decide who to side with, and who to go against. Be it as outlaw, soldier or a kingdom's monarch. If you can dream it, you can build it.

Why is this a thing?

The goal of Aradon Wiki is to store a lot of lore, both canon and un-canon and is also to help the new player to add to a new wiki instead of the old barrier wiki. You can write a page of a piece of lore you would like to have added to the canon lore list, but for this, you'll have to talk with a moderator, that can deem your lore canon or un-canon. Add your character you're playing in-game, so other people know that you exist! Heard a name, and decide to research a little on that specific character? Great, search for the character on the top of the page! Want to know what happened during an event? Search for that event to figure who did the clever things, and who did the not-so-clever things! If you think there's a piece of lore we've missed, add it to our wiki, and share it with everyone else! -Pallefidusen



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