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Standing next to the Gyrt Sea in the western region of the Kingdom of Aradon lies the capitol city of Avenir. An ancient city Anevir founding and early history is largely unknown to scholars. Believed to be a previous city state know for farming and trade on the Gyrt sea Avenir was free of conflicts of other kingdoms. In the year 329 C.E, the Warring Cities period would see Avenir increase it's military power and city defenses in response to the hostilities between the multiple city states. By the year 354 C.E, Avenir would come out victorious in the war, having unified the conflicted region into one kingdom through diplomacy and warfare. The ruler of the city, Duke Banolf, was declared himself king of the newly founded kingdom, and would go on to secure his throne before his death. In the year 784 C.E, refugees from the continent of Barrierian would arrive in mass across the continent of Cechas. Many refugees would find themselves settling in the cities of Aradon, with a large population concentrated in the capitol itself. Already strained under political strife, a group of nobles rebelled against the kingdom, with many Barrierian joining in the rebellion. By 786 C.E the war was over, and the rebels had gained control of the kingdom. In an unexpected turn, a foreigner, Bowman Forde, would be declared king. This era has been declared as the Forde Dynasty, with Avenir remaining the capitol of Aradon.