Bowman Forde
Vital statistics
Position King of Avenir
Age 30
Status Single|Male
Physical attributes
Height 6', 4" or 1.93 meters
Weight 204 pounds or 92kg

Overview Edit

Bowman Forde is a member of the Forde family. He claims that he is played by player "newranger1".

Personality Edit

Bowman Forde is a Respectful, religious, gentle, kind, chivalrous young man. He is understanding, quick thinking, deep in thought, outgoing, stubborn, and always seeking a way to better himself and the world around him.

Biography Edit

Bowman is a member of the Forde family, a powerful and skilled group that has been living in Eralia far longer than the peoples that live south of the northern forest by a few thousand year. The exact date is unknown, but it has been estimated that the Forde’s and other northern families landed in Eralia over 17 thousand years ago. The Forde’s, Adigard’s, Asgeir’s, Abendroth’s, Jaeger’s, Eichmann’s, MacGraw’s, and other families call themselves the “Folks Misufoeresd,” in their language, meaning “People of The Mist Forest.” Individually, they are a “Misutriad,” Walker of The Mist. Specifically the Forde’s, are a kind and generous people despite their harsh environment. They take pride in their heritage, culture, honor, faith, strength, their lands unique beauty, values, and those in their community, born there or not. The Forde’s respect other cultures and other races as they respect themselves. However, they ask those who move to their land to adopt some, if not all of their culture, to look after each other as if they were family, to be kind, and to be productive. The Forde’s, along with the other “True” Northern families, have a unique gift, just as incredible as the region itself. A gift of pure survival will, known as Northern Instinct.

Family Edit

  • Father-Ramsie Forde
  • Mother-Caitlin Forde
  • Siblings- 3 sisters and 1 brother.
  • Extended family- 57 members.
  • Relationship status: Single.
  • Animal companions: Saber-8 year old northern timber wolf.

Tools and Equipment Edit

  • Stonehenge: Sword forged from the ore inside an asteroid. Very strong, slightly lighter than steel, blue-silver texture, and marked with the House Forde Emblem. (A blue-white-blue pattern strip, with a gold lion with a crown in the center.) Magical properties consist of creating a loud thundering noise when struck hard with another blade and emits hot, blue sparks when in contact with other metals other than its sheath.
  • Lin: A customized bow, crafted from Rosewood, engraved with the name "Lin" meaning "From The Woods." (Arrows included.)
  • Vaughn's: "Small Ones." Throwing knives hidden all over Bowman. (Ten total knives.)
  • Volundr: 'War Territory" in the Misutriad language. Volundr is a woodsman axe, deadly as a weapon, and reliable as a tool.

Combat Edit

  • "Northern Instinct."

A physiological and psychological adaptation exclusive to the native peoples of the northern region in Eralia. The adaptation includes light blue eyes, larger and highly productive adrenal glands, high metabolism, dirty blonde hair, muscular build, naturally above average senses, physically more resilient and stronger cardiovascular systems, highly advanced eye sight, and resistance to cold.

The ability is triggered first through concentrated emotions or severe physical/metal stress. However, through multiple large percentage activations, one might find a way to control Northern Instinct. For those that find a way to directly activate Northern Instinct, it may be as easy as flexing a muscle, on demand.

Scientific name: Epinephrine Hyper-Responsive Production and Stimulation. Ancient name: Norenblur, "Northern Blood." Individual user: Norenblur-de, "Of The Northern Blood."

The origins of this gift have been isolated to the original settlers of Eralia. It is thought that they landed in Northern Eralia over 17 thousand years ago and over time, their bodies adapted to the harsh and dangerous environment.

Northern Blood Thresholds: (NBT's)

Stage 1 All Misutriad's reach this NBT within 7 years of birth.

Stage 2 All Misutriad's reach this NBT within 15 years of birth.

Stage 3 Normal adult NBT. *Unusual for a child to reach this point at ages less than 12.*

Stage 4 Body is stressed and strained proportionally to percentage of activation. Trade mark abilities are also heightened. *Most Misutriads do not reach this NBT.*

Stage 5 Body enters a "Purge State" during the deactivation of the ability. *Potentially fatal under extreme conditions.*

Stage 6 *Current NBT of Bowman Forde* Higher cognitive processes, hyper-sensitive abilities and senses, and abnormal glands not found in most Humans are unlocked and activated. *Due to special glands in the body releasing complex structures into the blood stream, the trade mark "Navy blue irises," the irises become "Dark navy blue."*

Stage 7 Depicted in legends and only 14 have reached this NBT. Eight died during the "Purge State" after their deactivation. Their causes of death ranged from oxygen deprivation, nitrogen poisoning, internal bleeding, heart attack, massive strokes, a combination of a few of these, ...and in one sad case... all of the above.

Stage 8 Thought to be highest NBT possible. No known cases available.

Stage 9 Thought to be impossible. *Deemed Beyond Human.*

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