Goddess of Secrecy, Thievery and Plots Edit

'The Lady of Secrets is mostly just that. A secret. Whatever texts and scrolls kept about her is divided among criminals, but much of what is known has been passed around in shady taverns, rundown slums and politicians’ lounges.'   Her followers usually keep a dagger concealed on their being, which is more of a symbol that they have a plan in place should an issue arise. One can also just plainly and bluntly call this the concept of self-defense, making those who’re paranoid and those who follow Dorenia quite hard to separate, but many theorize this is on purpose.

  Thieves and criminals are those who prays to Dorenia, that nothing unexpected happens and their plan goes as smoothly as possible. Those who are less than intelligent however, has instead been cursed with unluckiness as they didn’t plan for as much as possible before praying to the goddess in their attempt of crime.

  While not wholly illegal, it is heavily frowned upon to worship this goddess, and many times in courts against a supposed criminals, symbols of the religion is often taken as evidence for the suspect being a criminal scum.

  It is also said that Dorenia’s worshippers was the ones who tortured Klein to feel so much pain, that he ascended to godhood, however this is a rumor that has recently appeared, and can either be true or another set of rumors to spark conflict between followers of different deities.