Goddess of Justice, Order and Duty Edit

Ephelia is currently the most worshiped deity in Aradon. As the most practiced religion, it is seen as common sense to worship Ephelia, as she stands for the groundwork of their society.

There’s more texts on Ephelia than any other god, which makes her followers slightly divided, but also makes them prone for healthy discussion. Conflict can arise between followers who believe in different tenants.

If one overlooks that however, the followers of Ephelia often preach order and peace, and that violence is not always the awnser.

A common children’s tale, that tells of a king and queen under attack by a kingdom ruled by a tyrant. Outmatched Ephelia’s words of honor and justice reached the king’s heart, and convinced him to face the tyrant to a duel. The king, guided by Ephelia’s blessing, defeated the tyrant and inspired the followers of their fallen king to follow the word of Ephelia giving their land to the king.