Overview Edit

A previous citizen of Barrier, he claims to be played by the player "_Fulminata".

Appearance Edit

Clad in armor its hard to determine what Jon resembles. Under the armor he is described as brown hair, grey eyes. Jon is a fighter and he's built like one, a height of six feet, four inches he is taller then the average human with an athletic build.

Personality Edit

Jon is often described as strange, preferring to live alone. People often misjudge Jon's character believing he will be agressive or hostile due to his appearance, in reality he is fairly passive, this is usually caused by his indecisiveness. Life previous life as a soldier has left it's mark, leaving Barrier to find a new life.

Biography Edit

The son of peasants, Jon was not born into luxury. Living in the slums is tough and he learned that the hard way. Enlisting in the Barrieran military at the age of seventeen to free himself of the slums.Jon served in the military to fund a new life. Although it took many years Jon was discharged with full honors and his hard earned Barriers he set out on his quest to a new land. Arriving in Aradon at the age 24 he has finally earned the life he wants.

Trivia Edit

  • An avid brewer Jon enjoys all different kinds of alcoholic drinks, especially the ones he makes himself.
  • Jon loves thunder storms, with lightning strikes being his favorite.
  • Jon is an active worshiper of Ephelia