God of Insanity, Creativity and Luck Edit

There are gods who are thought to have a strong view points on each side, leaving them utterly mysterious. Yet no god is as down-right strange as Klein is. It is said that Klein was once mortal, but was captured by a dark being and tortured beyond human comprehension, and ascended to godhood when he had felt pain like no other.

  It is said that Klein watches over those who are not alright, according to society. It is a common knowledge that followers of Klein believes law and order to be a flawed concept, and that freedom is the true paradise for all living beings.

  However, often is it concluded that the followers’ view on “freedom” often collides with what one would call sane people’s view on the word, as they often believe that complete and utter insanity offers freedom from mortal men’s needless requirement for law.

  A strange wave of artists has begun to worship Klein as well, stating that the entity offers them insight into works of wonders - and many has actually emerged famous. While it is often taboo and in more places down-right illegal to worship Klein, the religion is somehow snuck into all societies and keeps itself alive.

  Most of Klein’s followers are often young men and women who states that the god offers them luck, that in the most dire situation he offers them a way into safety. What safety is however, is often heavily debated.t