The Cobalt Alliance Edit

The Endless Seas of Cobalt, The main lands of Cobalt far south of the Aradon continent, yet stretching far and wide. The Cobalt Alliance built up a great many cities across the southern Seas of "Favelor" a long said stretch of huge islands and landmasses. (Acording to the oldest history books that can be found on their Origins they started building it all more than 600 years ago, with almost no conflicts described in their history)

In its own interest the leadership of Cobalt has mostly decided to stay out of trouble. Staying out of wars that did not concern them, not interested in partaking in other kingdoms conflicts. But a few years ago - The Blue City of Cobalt was built on the southern parts of the Aradon Continent. A great Forge Town, and provincial Capital linking all the way to the great seas of "Favelor"

But still keen to their policies, they have stayed out of the troubles of the Aradon Kingdom. Instead trade flourished after the great wars had ended. Some say the High Lord of Cobalt "Sandro" even had old ties with the newest King of Aradon.

During the steadfast and recent guidance of Sandro, the Cobalt Alliance formed regional councils for every Provincial Capital. As well as a high council that would help rule - Thus not giving all the power to one leader but instead the people.

One Merchant to speak for the Merchants, One Commoner to Speak for the Common men, One Noble to speak for the Nobles, One officer to speak for the militia, One Diplomat to speak for diplomatic importance, And many more.

Also being founded since Sandro came to power (Was the Wizard Magistrate) To make sure magic would be used safely and welcome any with talent, even those without talent were welcome to become hardened elite warriors. Fishing and trading have always been the forte of the Cobaltians, as they rule of great deals of water - some have speculated that even old Atlanteans from the old continent of Barrier have settled down as Cobaltians.