Overview Edit

Sandro Zakria
Vital statistics
Position Librarian/Mage
Age Unknown
Status Alive?
Physical attributes
Height 179 cm
Weight 59 kg
He is played by "Lord_Sandro"

Personality Edit

Quiet, Few Words. Prefers to be to himself, and not be bothered with getting into anything big, very often found reading. He knows a lot and is not afraid to teach what he knows to those who will listen, Also loyal to old ties.

Rumored to be a steadfast leader during hard times, being able to make those who dislike eachother work for everyones best interest.

Biography Edit

Rarely speaking of his own biography, but the few who know. Will know that he is extremely old.

Was born in what is now called the Shadow Lands, It only exists in myths and legends, so no one can really confirm if this is true or not. But it is said that the Shadow Lands, were some of the first lands to fall to the "Corrupted One" Sandro managed to flee from those lands to one of the closest continents called Barrier.

Originally being a human born in those lands, it was said they could live a lot longer than most other humans from the other continents, wether it is true or not, No one can really say. But it is also said the Shadow Continent as it is better referred to. Was the origin home of the first humans, gifted with the first gifts of the gods according to the rumors.

Sandro lived for many years, studying and learning all he could to stop the Corruption that did take away his home however, he had no love for dark magic or corruption, but he learned how to use the dark arts anyway. It is said he was involved in many political strifes and wars. (During most of his young adult life actually)

This gave him a terrifying name on the battlefield... A great deal of these events were written down in books, many of which are lost now. But Sandro found an interest during his free time, he would often sit writing stories, of events he had partaken in or seen others partake in. After 47 years on the battlefield, he decided he was done fighting. So he started travelling from place to place, many followed him to learn from him as a great magician.

His fighting days and his political days were not yet over however. He found himself in a foreign nation after several years, that he helped build up - Eventually becoming one of the most distinguished Lords. He started an Academy for those willing to learn how to fight against corruption - After all his years of travel, he had found that the corruption had not stopped, instead it hungered for more. He started setting up Academies to train Warriors and Mages, that would guard key locations in the world. (Or so it is said at least, for in the end not much is known about Sandro)

Some say he was there when the lands of Barrier Fell (Sandro believes it had to do with the corruption in the world but he could not prove anything) Other rumors say he helped the new King of Aradon from the Shadows, with money, advice, weapons and information. There might be some truth in it all but how can you know.

"Well, I reccomend you read the books and learn."

Tools & Weapons Edit

Being a mage, he can conjure many Tools and Weapons to his disposal with magical properties. But his greatest weapon is his mind, which he can use to manifest:

The Shar'Sharan - An ancient relic used by the Second Archmage known in History. It manifests itself as a fiery Sword or a Bow of true aim. Its original form is a staff. But it allows for channeling more powerful spells that normally hand magic would not allow without incantation.

He Mostly uses it as a Sword of Fire.

Quotes Edit

"Real power comes from wisdom, not training or tools. However the wisdom of training or using tools properly is a different thing"

"No corruption can hide from me! Lets show them what real monsters can do."

Trivia Edit

The Greatest (Self Proclaimed) Librarian on Aradon.