Barrier was a land of adventure and hope, with several cities along the coastlines and inlands. Great Elvish forests, dwarven underground cities. Only small time fights or war, no major disputes, but somehow the land still suffered. The Citizens of Barrier loved their home and tried to fight back against the massive hordes of the underdark. City after city fell to the hordes of undead - Even now no one truly knows where they came from.

"A huge black smokey mist"

Is how they described it. Slowly pushing all survivors out towards the cities on the coasts. The citizens of Barrier were forced to flee across the great sea (Insert Name later) Most of the survivors found their way to a new continent, a new continent of adventure and hope.

This new land is Aradon. It has been 3 years since the migration to Aradon, and people have built new lives for themselves. What does Aradon have in store for the people of Old Barrier? We shall see.

But these days, one can't be so sure. If a beautfiul and peaceful continent as Barrier could fall, then what keeps history from repeating itself. Corruption destroyed one continent, and history will remember that for a long time. Because of that, those who remember will always stay vigilant to keep it from happening again.

(Reminder! This post is not yet fully completed. It will be completed and tweaked as the story progress in Aradon)