God of Balance and Time Edit

Monteus is one of the gods that simply does not sport too many followers or takes too much focus in the pantheon. It is said that he does not interfere with anyone’s business, neither gods’ nor mortals’. It is said that his hand was severed from his body when he for once broke his secluded oath to stop the Corrupted One from destroying all of reality.

  The hand supposedly dropped to the world which we now call Aradon, and began the flow of time in the realm. The only thing known about Monteus are the things written down by so-called “observers”, demi-godlike creatures who emerged from Monteus’ realm to keep an eye on how time affected reality, and would protect it, no matter the cost.

  The mentioned observers wrote down their tales in order to trade it to mortals, which in turn told them of what they knew about the world. While the trade was definitely one-sided, the observers was sworn to keep an eye out on everything, and learn of every dark plot before it arose to threaten time.

  Not many follows the religion, but those who do are often people who are nearing their time’s end, and hopes to be blessed with more time in the afterlife, so that they do not fade to black, like the darkened world was before Monteus’ hand hit the mortal grounds of Aradon.