God of Recreation, Dawn and Stars Edit

Novus Lux is a deity seemingly appearing out of the city’s rundown lower class, the divine aspecting breathing the idea of change and recreation, that if something isn’t done properly it should be redone. This has lead many extremists to spread the “word” of their god, which has put the religion in quite a bad view.

  Needless to say, this doesn’t stop the more casual worshipers from explaining the idea that the crown holds too much political power, and so should be spread out across the people. Democracy is a powerful and almost divine word within the sacred orders worshiping Novus Lux, and is often how their leaders are chosen.

  It is commonly said that the god’s body itself isn’t one, but many, scattered parts that each do their own thing in their little society of divinity. This is why the stars themselves are viewed as Novus Lux’s being, and why peach is preached during the night, so that the mortals do not interfere with the flow of recreation.

  Purple and white is often worn by the followers of Novus Lux, and therefore has become the colors associated recreation. This leads the speakers of the several clans of worshipers to dress in white or purple, with white symbolizing goodwill but the will the act, while purple symbolizes peace but the will to do anything in order to keep peace and order. Even if it means “restarting the government”.