Vital statistics
Position Witch Doctor
Age Over 70
Status Human/Wood elf
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Overview Edit

Played by a single man. That's all you need to know.

Personality Edit

-A quiet focused person

-Makes weird potions to fix his now mutated face

Biography Edit

-Black skin was caused by a medicine he created

-Attempts to make a potion to return his face to normal

-Originally his face was only terrible scarred, but medicine removed his scars, instead mutating his skin.

-People run away from him once they see the terrible mutation from the side.

Tools and Equipment Edit

-Doesn't know how to make decent tools, as he only made things out of wood or stone.

-Lots, and lots of plants.

Quotes Edit


-Who's sick?

-*Turns away* Everyone runs away from something.

Trivia Edit

-Had learned magic before getting lost, but when he was lost, he studied herbs, making cures for simple things like wounds, or figuring out the complex zombie virus.

-Was lost in the jungle at the age of 15, came out of the jungle at the age of 63.

-Through mediation and study, has lengthened his lifespan.

-Was attacked when he was young, causing permanent scarring to his face

-Studied medicine to remove the scar on his face. One of the medicines he placed on his face mutated his skin, making it black, and changing his eye color.

-The same medicine that changed his eye skin also ate away at his clothes, binding it to his flesh.

-The medicine seemed to have a cleaning, and repairing property. Allowing him to live in the jungle. Later, the clothes started to change color, starting from his neck

-Doesn't attend social gatherings, as people stare at his face.

-Believes that his scar is a sign of impurity, and that people are trying to kill him.