The Great Seas of Favelor Edit

The Great Sea or Seas of Favelor (depending on where you come from) Is a sea or actually five different sea sections. Since it is the size of five smaller seas combined into one chain of sea regions.

Favelor Magnia, Favelor Magyn, Favelor Septhia, Favelor Sorjia & Favelor Ardonia. (I think you can guess which Sea Region is closest to Aradon and the "Gyrt Sea" Even though there is supposedly a small minor sea in between. The Favelor Ardonian Sea Region actually connects to the most Southern parts of the Aradon Continent.

The Reason being why it is seen as just one great sea from someone who is not from around Favelor, is because they usualy underestimate its Size and how different every Sea Region can be. But in reality each region brings its own dangers. All of the Sea Regions are under the control of The Cobalt Alliance however, and long ago when it was a king who ruled instead of a Lord and several councils, when it was known as the Cobitian Kingdom they decided to name the Sea Regions according to the five great houses (Which still exist) Namely: Magna, Magin, Septha, Soria & Ardana.

The Great Seas of Favelor mostly used for Fishing and Trade, setting up perfect Sea routes between the Island chains and even a protected coast line all the way to the shores of Aradon. With almost no pirates or brigands in the Sea routes. It has become a well protected region - far from the Aradon continent but still connected by their great Seas.