Suzan Bellcote
Vital statistics
Position Inn Keeper
Age 24 (Born July 2E-708)
Status Single | Female
Physical attributes
Height 1.71 Meters / 5.6 Feet
Weight 65.3 Kg / 144 lbs

Overview Edit

Suzan Bellcote is the Citizen of Avenir. She runs a popular tavern known as the "Dragon claw Inn", who is famous for it's great lodging, and even better drinks.

Personality Edit

Suzan is a soft, spoken person who doesn't like to fight. She can be humorous, but can be serious when it matters. She misses home in the land of Barrier with her Mother (Kate) and her Father (Robert) but she presses on to honor their wishes. Suzan asks for help when she needs it, often to deal with rowdy customers, and people who run without paying.

Biography Edit

Suzan Bellcote is the daughter of Kate Bellcote and Robert Bellcote. She was born on July 17 2E-708. She weighs roughly 65.3Kg and is 1.71 meters tall. She has a short stature in her family, as she is forced to look up towards her brothers and sisters. Suzan went with Akyelo and Holly to search for new lands. When she found the land of Aradon, she was famished and dehydrated. She placed others over herself, and almost died. Her natural born leadership kept the crew together, as a single fight could jeopardize the journey, killing them

Tools and Equipment Edit

Brewing stands, cauldrons, you name it. Suzan is a creator of alcohols, but she prefers to make it, not drink it.

She keeps a map of the world on hand, for any adventurer that needs help could ask for her assistance.

Quotes Edit

  • "Welcome to Dragon Claw Inn" - Suzan Bellcote

Trivia Edit

  • A great strategist, but is physically weak.
  • She wants a horse called Blackthorn
  • Her favorite food would be the recent invention, chocolate chip cookies.
  • Wishes she could go home, but knows that isn't possible.
  • Watched her town burn down as she left port, people screaming as an army slaughtered the town's people.