Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 23
Status Lord
Physical attributes
Height Smoll
Weight Gravity

 Overview Edit

Meet Tabaxi,

Tabaxi is head of the gang known as the "Grain Gain Mob" He has suffered a dramatic reality of how things can be run in Aradon. He sees Aradon as his giant playground to earn profit and expand his new business, owning majority of Aradons fields of wheat and coco bean plantations. He is ruthless and loyal to his gang, seeking wealth and infamy/control over the food production. Using force through deals or by setting up "accidents" at farms with such power and money he threatens to take people food away if pressured by the law. Other times simpler means of gold can get him out of situations or "incidents" that people claim against him. Untouchable he remains here and there making his presence well known to all farmers of the sort who dare interfere with his "castle."

Personality Edit

-Loyal to his gang, with a strong passion to grow more and more powerful everyday

-A Strong hatred of those who try to "boot-leg" farms in his domain.

-Will most likely never get his hands dirty no more.

-A realistic alcoholic

Biography Edit

Few years ago on the outskirts or Aradon in the wild outside of the safety walls of Aradon. A small village was growing and prospering. It grew farms, took care of animals, and was in harmony. A boy of white fur and teal eyes was growing up, to be a great farmer like his father before him. The boy always mocked his father, being competitive as he was and said "One day I'll be a greater farmer than you!" His father would chuckle and cheer him on. Teaching him everything he knows, through mud, rain, and disasters. He had finally gained a base experience on how to grow a farm and started to do his father chores in advance. To show his will and determination to his father. Impressed by his work he went to gloat to his father about what he has done. Only to find him weak and plagued by a unknown disease. He had never seen a sickness like this or how bad it was. As days went by the crop had suffered and his father was getting weaker. After a night of hard work and nurturing care for his father he was awoken in the night by loud cheering, smokes, and a furious red light in the window. Bandits had come and started to burn all of his and his father hard work on the crop. The boy ran out to challenge the bandits with a shovel, resulting in a harsh scaring beating. Their leader came out to the boy and laughed at his poor attempt. The boss snaps his fingers and his weak brittle father gets tossed out of the house if a thud and a groan. The boy would cry out to his father as he would hear the boss say "Your petty struggle was in good efforts but you need to learn a very good lesson. Your father hasn't paid us what he was owed and now he has to settle his debt." The boy would scream and ask for forgiveness confused about all of this. He watches his father get executed, stab after stab, the soil painted red as the boy looks at his father's last moments the only thing he can think of was his promise "One day i'll be a greater farmer than you!" The boss snapped his fingers shouting "our job is done here let's go, and boy best be using that shovel to better use we will return for our money. Though it would be you now that's going to be paying it." The boy mourned for his father's death that night torn apart broken down as he was left to bury his father and shouts angrily at his grave "I will be a greater farmer than you!" over and over and over till the next morning. Alone in the wilds tired and beaten he just stares at his father's grave. The boy got up and made a vow "I will be a greater farmer than you father I will." With his shovel in his hand he had set out to start his work. Day after Day had passed till the mod boss returned. Seeking his money and beckoned where is it! The boy shouted out come get it and ran through the crop fields with the boss minions chasing after. Within moments the boss minion scream out in pain as they make random thuds. The boy has made traps in the crops the big boss shouts out to the field hoping some minions would still be alive. Right as the boss turns shouting "i'll return with more minions to wipe out this pathetic crop!" A shovel plows him right in the face knocking him out. Some say the boss was tortured, others say he was killed or just left the country. All we know is that this boy has grown up to lead the biggest gang in town known as the Grain Gang Mod (GGM.) Owning a mass amount of the fields around Aradon protecting his interest and pushing to expand further.

Tools & Weapons Edit

-Gang Members


Flaws Edit



-Will do anything for his family.

Quotes Edit

"This site makes my soul die for how complicated this is to set up a simple background character."

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