Taldar Ornal
Taldar Circa 2XxXx - XxXxX
Vital statistics
Position Fallen Dwarven King
Age 22
Status Dwarf Nobility
Physical attributes
Height 4' 1
Weight 290 lbs

Overview Edit

In the old tales the dwarven city was born from the sea a massive fortress upon the edge of a cold, barren land great towers arose from it and the first guild of the city the mining guild prospered. Taldar's fore fathers created that city upon which their hopes laid. The fortress was destroyed by the very seas that had conquered to land and build, during the flood of 1xXxXx the city was utterly destroyed and turned into a lake, all the hard work and effort of the guild gone in an instant.

Taking up the hard work, Taldar's Great - Great - Great Grandfather create the second Dwarven City of Niktal, it was built under the mountains, with a connection to city XxXxXxX built into the hills, the mining guild created great works once more but they too were also ravaged by a disaster as the great corruption overtook the land in 1xXxX.

The Work of his Father Was the creation of the Blacksmith guild in the city of XxXxXxXxX where the great sword xXxXxXx was made, the kingdom that was started nary had a moment in the limelight before it too fell to a great war.

Taldar plans to rebuild the legacy of his Forefathers and create a city stronger and more prosperous then any of them.

Long Live (ex)King Taldar Orn'al.

Personality Edit

Somewhat bigoted towards elves and other tall beings, has a love of the crafts and an eye for artistic endeavors.

He will willing work with anyone to achieve his goals and will fairly try to trade with them.

Biography Edit

Born in 2XxXxX in the city of barrier he saw the great halls of his forefathers for merely a moment before war consumed the city, he took it upon himself to avenge his forefathers legacy.

During his childhood he grew up being trained the the art of blacksmithing and tinkering. well versed in how to effeciently farm an area, create a strong piece of steel or to fight an enemy head on.

At the age of 23 he is ready to recreate his kingdom and create his own legacy, for his future generations.

Tools and Equipment Edit

Wears a crown made seemingly of gold, but its really just a wool covered stone crown. The sword on his back is a treasure of the old dwarf kingdom.

Quotes Edit

  • The light is bright, the earth is warm live how you want and don't touch the burn.

Trivia Edit