Goddess of Knowledge, Wisdom and Writing Edit

  The wisdom that drives the most clever mortals is often the same wisdom that Targanya stands for, as her followers believes that being unknowledgeable is the biggest sin one can commit. Therefore many of the mortals who worship the Wise is often found with a book on their person, to never stand still in learning now things.

  Magic users are often worshippers of this goddess, as their craft requires much study and knowledge to perform with no flaw, and are nearly always seen as the messengers of Targanya. While they may not see themselves as such, this hasn’t stopped people from inquiring all sorts of things to these knowledgeable magic users, despite the obvious irritation.

  Many libraries are considered the temples of Targanya, as no temple constructed for the purpose of worshipping the goddess can contain more knowledge than a library can. It is often on these grounds that those in conflict but follows the Wise lay down their hatred and spite, as hostility restricts the flow of learning.

  Not many common folk are followers of Targanya, as they struggle with more pressing matters such as currency, food, drink and sleep. This often leads both common folk and followers of the Wise to get into petty debates, each one calling the other out for their lack of interest.