God of War, Strength and Fire Edit

Despite the brutal keywords the god stands for, Tenrion is often seen as a being of great intellect, matched only by Monteus and Targanya. Several scrolls explains how Tenrion has eagerly taken debates up with Targanya, which sometimes gets so heated that it makes volcanoes erupt or the earth shake to an extreme degree.

  The followers of Tenrion are often military personnel, adventurers and those who believe strength is the only way to survive. It has slowly gone from a taboo to a common opinion, that war is what makes Aradon’s people stronger, since it is spoken proudly despite the brutal reality of the claim.

  There are no detailed prayers for Tenrion, as his followers believe that inaction is quite a sin, and that those who relies on a god to wield the fury of a weapon are cannon fodder anyways, standing in the way of stronger people who can lead their society onward to brighter destinies.

   The brutality of the god’s followers however is matched by their honor as well. Many do not take the extremist views to heart, and are seen as loyal followers anyways. One can be a follower of Tenrion even though they do not believe in strength supremacy, but there will always be the select few who believes their opinion is stronger than those who allows weakness to take them over.

This is why Tenrion’s followers are the most separated factions.