Harbinger of Corruption and Dark Magic Edit

The Corrupted one is a being of pure evil and destruction. Nobody knows what its name is. Nobody knows for why it spreads the evil influence. What is known is that select people are picked out by this manifestation of dark energy and plagued until they fall to insanity. Those people are part of the Corrupted One’s church.

  Dark magic users which tread outside of holy grounds also try to make contact to this dark fiend, yet to either little avail or complete avail, as they’re added to the unholy church’s ranks.

  It is completely and utterly illegal to even try to worship this being, and people who’re found to do so often disappear overnight, only to be found a few days later down the stream or in the sewers, stabbed or burned to death.

  While this being could be theorized to be sharing Klein’s interests, the followers of Klein has sternly put their foot in the ground and claims that the insanity the being creates is unholy, and that the Corrupted One should be the focus of the military, not other mortals.

  The rare followers of this being often wear dark robes and skulls on their clothing, to symbolise the inevitable death that will hit them all. The worshippers and the deity probably tries to hasten the time one has left in this life however. Through any means they feel like doing.